Trust in Values,
Relationships & Teamwork


Committed to deliver
finest products & services
and technologies with reliability.


We are traders,
but more than that
we nurture relationships.


Believe in togetherness!


Discuss your business requirements with us,
finding solution is our responsibility


We are a technology driven company,
but we are also a dependable
general commodity traders & sourcing partners

About Us


Millenacore General Trading LLC, a trusted trading & distribution channel management partner that connects manufacturers, OEMs’, strategic suppliers, wholesalers, SKU’s, dealers and consultants to the customers.

As a global procurement & sourcing partner, we offer our customers a platform of one stop solution that they can rely on for all their business needs.


Our strength is the unity of proficient team members, partners and its diversified trade activities under one roof.

Millenacore General Trading LLC operates with market based organizational structure and approach, affirming overall performance and robust commercial affiliate marketing management. Our Strategy and organizational design go hand in hand establishes a strategic empowering and market based role for corporate functions.

The business unit has its own unique key functions by promoting partners and their products and services by integrated business management process allied with group of manufacturers, distributors, re-sellers, intermediaries and consultants to support customer’s requirements precisely. We believe in collaborative functioning process effectively managed by objectives and managed by results.


Work in robust partnerships.
Trust in effective team works.
Uniting for healthier accomplishments.
Placement of focused expertise.
Sourcing quality products & technologies to protect customer’s interest.
Reducing customer acquisition cost and enhancing market share through smart integrated sales management program.
Reduce operational cost & workloads as well as deployment cost through collaborative engrossed efforts and utilization of prevailing expertise.
Engaging superior Manufacturers to meet customer’s demand in suitable budget with superior quality.
Increasing better market reaches and upturns with response rates or success rates.
Improves forecasting abilities through superior channel of distribution, meaningful alliance, market control, customer focused innovations, territorial expansions, on-time delivery, profitable sustainability, value chain, workforce engagement and continuous improvement.