General Trading

Millenacore general trading division operates as a commodity supply chain operator, sourcing from trade consultants and distributors as a reseller for various focused trade undertakings. This allows us to supply diversified & highly specialized products & services to potential business verticals as per the optimum industrial standards to meet client's needs & expectations.

We act as an intermediary between manufacturers, wholesalers & import-export companies & other agents understanding the set budget requirements and deliver the products and services right to our customer’s place. We have created a platform, a network of associates who can help us in research concerning factories and related products.

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Our sourcing and trading model is aimed at small & medium sized companies, brokers, dealers and with trusted business partners. In short, we understand and respect our customer’s and supplier’s needs and strive to develop positive and long term partnerships and relationships.

We are in partnership with a few regional business conglomerates in various areas and our partnerships extends our distribution network outreach into many different fields.

Our objective is to act as a dependable gateway to connect buyer & seller bridging them to a suitable marketplace. Focusing on: